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Peace Peddlers Classic Tee

This is the original Peace Peddlers tee, in all of its monochromatic glory! The unique version of the peace sign is our signature logo and it was originally made in this simple, yet classic colorway. If you're new to the Peace Peddlers world then this is probably where you should start! 


You'll soon find it to be a great conversation piece. Whether it's a fellow Peace Peddlers' supporter giving you a knowing nod or someone asking why you love peace so much, you'll be sure to make some new friends when you wear this timeless tee.


This Peace Peddlers Classic is printed on a black 100% cotton crew neck t-shirt and is available in both Girls and Guys sizes.

Our Work
We work to increase peace in the world by delivering peace education to K-12 teachers and students across the globe. 100% of the proceeds generated through the sale of our products supports our peace education programs.
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