The Peace Shop


Our Mission 

Peace Peddlers’ mission is to reduce the negative expression of conflict by mobilizing and deploying resources for conflict resolution training and interventions. 

What We Do 

We deliver school-focused conflict resolution education and intervention programs to schools around the globe. 

Project: Peace Peddlers 

Project: Peace Peddlers provides teachers and students training in conflict resolution.

Project: Peace Now 

Project: Peace Now provides teachers and students mediation and conflict coaching services. 

How We Accomplish This 

We mobilize resources the following ways:

Peace Academy 

Our Peace Academy offers online personal and professional development courses to individuals, groups and organizations. 

Peace Forum 

Our Peace Forum offers online mediation, facilitation and coaching services to individuals, groups and organizations. 

Peace Shop 

Our Peace Shop offers authentic Peace Peddlers’ products to people who love making peace through the things they buy.